New adventure

So today I started selling Avon again. I haven’t been involved in direct selling in years but I am really excited about it. I passed 1 book around the office where I volunteer at. I am sending 1 book by my husband to his work tomorrow. I am also sending 2 books by my son to his teachers too. My sister is selling it also so I hope we can be each other’s support system. I wish it could be more but she lives in a different county of Fla from me. It would have been neat if she still lived where I live because then we could have power lunches and go to team meetings together. If you have considered having a direct sell job but scared to get started, keep an eye on my blog and maybe I can give u insight on how easy or hard it is. Will try to post on here every Monday. Next Monday I turn in my first orders so I will let ya’ll know how it goes. Have a great week!