Getting the Avon word out…

Hey everyone, please check out my friend Maggs blog. She tried out Avon’s new nail polish and absolutely loved it! She also posted pics! Go to    and check it out. Thanks!


New adventure

So today I started selling Avon again. I haven’t been involved in direct selling in years but I am really excited about it. I passed 1 book around the office where I volunteer at. I am sending 1 book by my husband to his work tomorrow. I am also sending 2 books by my son to his teachers too. My sister is selling it also so I hope we can be each other’s support system. I wish it could be more but she lives in a different county of Fla from me. It would have been neat if she still lived where I live because then we could have power lunches and go to team meetings together. If you have considered having a direct sell job but scared to get started, keep an eye on my blog and maybe I can give u insight on how easy or hard it is. Will try to post on here every Monday. Next Monday I turn in my first orders so I will let ya’ll know how it goes. Have a great week!

What were they thinking???

So I was getting ready to go to Walmart this morning. I was just going to wear my shorts and a sleeveless shirt because I planned on just getting a few things and get out of there. But I decided I would wear jeans and a shirt because my luck I would run into someone that I haven’t seen in awhile. It turns out that I must be the only person in Pensacola who worries about looking nice in Walmart because everyone else doesn’t  seem to care! The Walmart I go to is not in a good neighborhood so to a point I can understand why some people wear the clothes they wear up there. But when adults start wearing clothes that should be on a 3 yrd old or they wear something that doesn’t cover all their body parts, then there has to be a line drawn somewhere! Do these people not have a mirror? Pick one up at Walmart! And its not the young people that are doing this. It’s adults that are in their 40’s and 50’s that are doing it! It almost makes me want to buy small hand mirrors and hand them to every ugly dressed people I see walking into Walmart! Anyone else out there feel the same way about their local Walmart???

Another week in the life of a cool cat….

This week started off pretty good. First off, my son had an eye dr appt on Monday. It went ok except they had to make his prescription a little stronger. And he has to go back in a few weeks for a test, which his insurance won’t cover(thanks alot Fla Kidcare) and it will cost us 60.00! But he did get his glasses back on Thursday, which is good because I figured it would be another week or so.(Thanks Fla Kidcare!)

Tuesday I had my checkup with the pacemaker clinic. They checked my wound and my new device to make sure all was working well. My wound is well enough where I can resume my normal routine duties. I just can’t lift anything heavy with my left arm for a few weeks. (And I had so many heavy things in mind to lift!) I was able to return to doing my volunteer work which I love! I went to the office Thursday and Friday and found out just how much I was missed! I had a lot to catch up on but by Thursday afternoon my desk was in sight again. By Saturday when I went in to help with training, I caught up even more. So next week, all I should have to do is make some phone calls for references. We do have 3 people being sworn in on Tuesday morning, though. For those who are completely lost by now, I work as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer and assistant recruiter. GAL is also known as CASA in other parts of the country. I am exited for the ones getting sworn in as we are having a judge do the swearing in. We think this is pretty cool and will show the prospective  volunteers just how valuable the courts realize they are. So I am pretty excited about witnessing that. So that my friends, in a very large nutshell, is how my week went. I am really gonna try to do this every week and hopefully attract more readers then just my sister! (No offense, Donna!) I hope everyone has a great week!

My Whine and Love posts for the week…

Grab a glass or the bottle(whine)…

Whine: My mother calling me to see if the doctor has released me to drive. She doesn’t do this out of the kindness of her heart but out of the hungriness of her belly. If she doesn’t eat at least 1o times a day, she is starving! lol    

I saw the list of things I will need to buy my son during his senior year in high school. Told hubby he needs to get a second job. lol                                    

Raise your glass(love)…                                                                                         

Love:  The doctor did release me so I can drive.

I was able to go back to the office I volunteer at.

My son picked up his senior class schedule today. Can’t believe he is in 12th grade already!  












A fun week….

Ok so you may be wondering why there is a slot machine in this blog. Well, that is because a dear friend of mine was down from Georgia last week and she got me out of the house for a few hours for some fun. I had almost forgotten what fun was like since I only get out of the house to volunteer and run errands. She came down July 4th but we didn’t get together till Wednesday July 6th. She hadn’t been to play bingo in years so we went there for a few hours. (Don’t worry, the slot machine is coming up soon.) I was 1 number away from a bingo on a 250.o0 jackpot! The number I needed was in the monitor but someone had bingoed on the number before it. And yes, I was sick about it! I didn’t see who hit otherwise I may have jumped her/him in the parking lot later! lol j.k I would never do that but it was fun thinking it!

Now this is where the slot machine comes in. I know, about time, huh? lol We went to Atmore, Ala the next night  to Windcreek Casino. We ate at the buffet first, which was excellent! Then we walked around for a bit. Tried the quarter machines but no luck. I took 40.00 worth of change with me(nickles and dimes) and Cheryl gave me 60.00 to play with. She wanted to make sure I had fun. Wasn’t that nice of her? So after no luck on the quarter slots, we tried the nickle ones. Did a little better but wanted our money to last a little bit longer so we went to the penny slots. It seems like this casino had more penny slots then any other. I spent about an hour at 1 and won a little bit. Got down to my last 20.00 and spent 2 hours on a Wheel of Fortune machine. I got up to 80.00 in winning and said I would stop,but you know I didn’t! lol So I got to 100.00 and said now I know I will stop because then I would break even. If you said to yourself I didn’t stop, you would be right! lol So I kept spinning till my total got down to 82.00. Keep in mind that I was getting free spins on the wheel about every 10 min or so and everyone who played around me didn’t get any! lol Needless to say, a few ladies glared at me. Can you say sore loser? lol Anyway, I got down to 82.00, Cheryl said she had about 5.00 left to play on the screen so I kept playing. The next thing you know, I hit for 88.00 and my total got up to 162.00. Cheryl was done and came down and I asked her should I risk it all? She said get it down to 160.00 and if u don’t win then stop. So that’s what I did and when I didn’t win anymore I cashed out. There was a nice lady sitting beside, not having any luck, so I told her she could have my machine. All the way home I kept wondering if she won anything. When I cashed out, I gave Cheryl back her 60.00 as I thought that was only fair. So I went home with 60.00 more then I started with, which made me very happy. We didn’t get home till 2 am but I had the time of my life! I told Cheryl that next time we will get a room and just stay the night. So now I am saving my nickles and dimes again so I may once again get out and have the time of my life!




I can’t believe it’s been almost a mon …

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have blogged! Shame on me! I should be put in a blog corner for a few hours lol Anyway, I am going to start doing this once a week,usually on Sunday night. Hopefully, I can put some useful information, if not entertaining information about what goes on in my life for the
week.So here goes…
Monday was a great day! I went to do a home visit with the 4 yr old little girl that I am a GAL for. For those who don’t know what a GAL is, its short for Guardian ad Litem. It is called CASA in other parts of the country. What GAL and CASA volunteers do is advocate in court for children who have either been neglected or abused and are in the system. I have 2 cases right now, the little girl and a teenage girl. The teenage girl ages out(turns 18 in Oct) so after that I will no longer be her GAL. But I digress. I went to see “my” little girl, have been seeing her for over a year now. She came from a mother who liked her crack better then her own daughter! In fact, she was arrested buying crack with her daughter in the backseat of the car! Anyway, that is behind her and she is in the process of being adopted. I was visiting her at her new home. This was my 3rd visit. When I got there, she was working on a small puzzle. Did it all by herself and put it up when she was done! I was really impressed as she was never able to do this with her biological mom. Her mom would do nothing with her except drag her to doctors to get her on Ritalin medicine for her supposedly ADHD. She has been off that medicine for about 2 months now and is doing great! So when she was finished, she wanted me to go play dolls with her. It’s been over 40 yrs since I have played with a Barbie doll! I had to be the daddy doll while she was the mommy doll. She showed me how to speak in a deep voice like her daddy does. I thought this was cute and very monumental as she never knew her bio dad. She is very close to her adopted dad which i was very glad to see. I visited her for about an hour, maybe a little bit longer. When I left, I told her I would find her a Tinker Bell puzzle, as she loves tinker bell and any other Princess. She had Sleeping Beauty puzzle so I told her I would find tinker bell. I hope I can find it as I really don’t want to disappoint her. Anyway, on my way home, I wondered if she would remember this visit. I know I will as I felt like we have a connection. It would be neat if in about 10 yrs I get a call from this little girl’s adopted mom, asking me if I would like to see her as she has been asking about me. Isn’t it amazing how such a simple little thing like playing with dolls affect us? Just to sit down with a special little girl and play with dolls and forget about every day problems definitely made my Monday!! I hope busy moms will take about an hour out of their day and play dolls with their little girls. I believe you both will remember it for the rest of your lives!