What were they thinking???

So I was getting ready to go to Walmart this morning. I was just going to wear my shorts and a sleeveless shirt because I planned on just getting a few things and get out of there. But I decided I would wear jeans and a shirt because my luck I would run into someone that I haven’t seen in awhile. It turns out that I must be the only person in Pensacola who worries about looking nice in Walmart because everyone else doesn’t ┬áseem to care! The Walmart I go to is not in a good neighborhood so to a point I can understand why some people wear the clothes they wear up there. But when adults start wearing clothes that should be on a 3 yrd old or they wear something that doesn’t cover all their body parts, then there has to be a line drawn somewhere! Do these people not have a mirror? Pick one up at Walmart! And its not the young people that are doing this. It’s adults that are in their 40’s and 50’s that are doing it! It almost makes me want to buy small hand mirrors and hand them to every ugly dressed people I see walking into Walmart! Anyone else out there feel the same way about their local Walmart???