Another week in the life of a cool cat….

This week started off pretty good. First off, my son had an eye dr appt on Monday. It went ok except they had to make his prescription a little stronger. And he has to go back in a few weeks for a test, which his insurance won’t cover(thanks alot Fla Kidcare) and it will cost us 60.00! But he did get his glasses back on Thursday, which is good because I figured it would be another week or so.(Thanks Fla Kidcare!)

Tuesday I had my checkup with the pacemaker clinic. They checked my wound and my new device to make sure all was working well. My wound is well enough where I can resume my normal routine duties. I just can’t lift anything heavy with my left arm for a few weeks. (And I had so many heavy things in mind to lift!) I was able to return to doing my volunteer work which I love! I went to the office Thursday and Friday and found out just how much I was missed! I had a lot to catch up on but by Thursday afternoon my desk was in sight again. By Saturday when I went in to help with training, I caught up even more. So next week, all I should have to do is make some phone calls for references. We do have 3 people being sworn in on Tuesday morning, though. For those who are completely lost by now, I work as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer and assistant recruiter. GAL is also known as CASA in other parts of the country. I am exited for the ones getting sworn in as we are having a judge do the swearing in. We think this is pretty cool and will show the prospective  volunteers just how valuable the courts realize they are. So I am pretty excited about witnessing that. So that my friends, in a very large nutshell, is how my week went. I am really gonna try to do this every week and hopefully attract more readers then just my sister! (No offense, Donna!) I hope everyone has a great week!


One response to “Another week in the life of a cool cat….

  1. I just now got to read your blog again. No offense taken, btw. 🙂 I like how you changed your blog. I’m learning how to change and add things. I’m very slow though. Glad this was good week for you and that you guys are getting volunteers. They are so desperately need at GAL/CASA.

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