My Whine and Love posts for the week…

Grab a glass or the bottle(whine)…

Whine: My mother calling me to see if the doctor has released me to drive. She doesn’t do this out of the kindness of her heart but out of the hungriness of her belly. If she doesn’t eat at least 1o times a day, she is starving! lol    

I saw the list of things I will need to buy my son during his senior year in high school. Told hubby he needs to get a second job. lol                                    

Raise your glass(love)…                                                                                         

Love:  The doctor did release me so I can drive.

I was able to go back to the office I volunteer at.

My son picked up his senior class schedule today. Can’t believe he is in 12th grade already!  













One response to “My Whine and Love posts for the week…

  1. Sorry, I went to bed early so I didn’t see your message. I thought you did good. Did you link with Nora at Walking with Nora? We will have to put a little blurb in the post so everyone knows where to go if they want to participate. 🙂 I will help you with it if you want.

    Mom can be a pain. LOL

    I was lucky this year we didn’t have to buy too much for high school but it’s only the 10th grade.

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