A fun week….

Ok so you may be wondering why there is a slot machine in this blog. Well, that is because a dear friend of mine was down from Georgia last week and she got me out of the house for a few hours for some fun. I had almost forgotten what fun was like since I only get out of the house to volunteer and run errands. She came down July 4th but we didn’t get together till Wednesday July 6th. She hadn’t been to play bingo in years so we went there for a few hours. (Don’t worry, the slot machine is coming up soon.) I was 1 number away from a bingo on a 250.o0 jackpot! The number I needed was in the monitor but someone had bingoed on the number before it. And yes, I was sick about it! I didn’t see who hit otherwise I may have jumped her/him in the parking lot later! lol j.k I would never do that but it was fun thinking it!

Now this is where the slot machine comes in. I know, about time, huh? lol We went to Atmore, Ala the next night  to Windcreek Casino. We ate at the buffet first, which was excellent! Then we walked around for a bit. Tried the quarter machines but no luck. I took 40.00 worth of change with me(nickles and dimes) and Cheryl gave me 60.00 to play with. She wanted to make sure I had fun. Wasn’t that nice of her? So after no luck on the quarter slots, we tried the nickle ones. Did a little better but wanted our money to last a little bit longer so we went to the penny slots. It seems like this casino had more penny slots then any other. I spent about an hour at 1 and won a little bit. Got down to my last 20.00 and spent 2 hours on a Wheel of Fortune machine. I got up to 80.00 in winning and said I would stop,but you know I didn’t! lol So I got to 100.00 and said now I know I will stop because then I would break even. If you said to yourself I didn’t stop, you would be right! lol So I kept spinning till my total got down to 82.00. Keep in mind that I was getting free spins on the wheel about every 10 min or so and everyone who played around me didn’t get any! lol Needless to say, a few ladies glared at me. Can you say sore loser? lol Anyway, I got down to 82.00, Cheryl said she had about 5.00 left to play on the screen so I kept playing. The next thing you know, I hit for 88.00 and my total got up to 162.00. Cheryl was done and came down and I asked her should I risk it all? She said get it down to 160.00 and if u don’t win then stop. So that’s what I did and when I didn’t win anymore I cashed out. There was a nice lady sitting beside, not having any luck, so I told her she could have my machine. All the way home I kept wondering if she won anything. When I cashed out, I gave Cheryl back her 60.00 as I thought that was only fair. So I went home with 60.00 more then I started with, which made me very happy. We didn’t get home till 2 am but I had the time of my life! I told Cheryl that next time we will get a room and just stay the night. So now I am saving my nickles and dimes again so I may once again get out and have the time of my life!





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