I can’t believe it’s been almost a mon …

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have blogged! Shame on me! I should be put in a blog corner for a few hours lol Anyway, I am going to start doing this once a week,usually on Sunday night. Hopefully, I can put some useful information, if not entertaining information about what goes on in my life for the
week.So here goes…
Monday was a great day! I went to do a home visit with the 4 yr old little girl that I am a GAL for. For those who don’t know what a GAL is, its short for Guardian ad Litem. It is called CASA in other parts of the country. What GAL and CASA volunteers do is advocate in court for children who have either been neglected or abused and are in the system. I have 2 cases right now, the little girl and a teenage girl. The teenage girl ages out(turns 18 in Oct) so after that I will no longer be her GAL. But I digress. I went to see “my” little girl, have been seeing her for over a year now. She came from a mother who liked her crack better then her own daughter! In fact, she was arrested buying crack with her daughter in the backseat of the car! Anyway, that is behind her and she is in the process of being adopted. I was visiting her at her new home. This was my 3rd visit. When I got there, she was working on a small puzzle. Did it all by herself and put it up when she was done! I was really impressed as she was never able to do this with her biological mom. Her mom would do nothing with her except drag her to doctors to get her on Ritalin medicine for her supposedly ADHD. She has been off that medicine for about 2 months now and is doing great! So when she was finished, she wanted me to go play dolls with her. It’s been over 40 yrs since I have played with a Barbie doll! I had to be the daddy doll while she was the mommy doll. She showed me how to speak in a deep voice like her daddy does. I thought this was cute and very monumental as she never knew her bio dad. She is very close to her adopted dad which i was very glad to see. I visited her for about an hour, maybe a little bit longer. When I left, I told her I would find her a Tinker Bell puzzle, as she loves tinker bell and any other Princess. She had Sleeping Beauty puzzle so I told her I would find tinker bell. I hope I can find it as I really don’t want to disappoint her. Anyway, on my way home, I wondered if she would remember this visit. I know I will as I felt like we have a connection. It would be neat if in about 10 yrs I get a call from this little girl’s adopted mom, asking me if I would like to see her as she has been asking about me. Isn’t it amazing how such a simple little thing like playing with dolls affect us? Just to sit down with a special little girl and play with dolls and forget about every day problems definitely made my Monday!! I hope busy moms will take about an hour out of their day and play dolls with their little girls. I believe you both will remember it for the rest of your lives!


One response to “I can’t believe it’s been almost a mon …

  1. GAL/CASA is very important work and the volunteers mean so much to these children. I know you have grown to love this little girl and I’m sure she will remember you as the one person that cared when no one else did. 🙂

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