Sufferin Succotash!

I have been thinking all week what to put in my blog for the week. And as I sit here and watch the recap of the Casey Anthony trial it finally came to me. Why are we so fascinated with trials like this? It seems like every time there is a trial where a child has been murdered, we become transfixed to our tv sets. Or if we live closer to where the trial is happening, we go down there to watch. Why are we so fascinated with viewing pictures of a dead little girl? As a mother, I watch because I want justice served, just as I am sure most mothers do. But why stand in line from 1 am till the trial starts just to get in? And why trample a poor woman just because someone breaks into line? How old are we? 12? Be safe and stay home and watch it like I do! Is it so important to see a dead little girl’s picture and a woman, who is obviously a slice of bread short of a loaf, fight for her life? And to see people running down the corridor in the court house! I thought for a minute someone had changed my tv to a show about the running of the bulls in Spain!!! If you are gonna go to court, at least try to act like civilized human beings! If you were on trial, would you want people to be acting like that?  And that is my rant for this week. Stay tuned next Friday and see what I tackle next!