Lagging bigtime!

I can’t believe its been over a week since I last blogged! Shame on me!! I usually want to blog at night before I go to bed but I have just been so tired at night. So maybe I should start doing it before my day starts. Then I can tell what I plan on doing and the next day see if everything went as planned. Sounds good in theory,huh? This weekend is a long weekend for me. Monday is MLK Day so my son is out of school and the office I volunteer in is closed. My son is also off on Tuesday but I will be going into the office after lunch. Got some files that need to be changed and some calls to be made. Until Monday though, I will be catching up on my shows that I have dvr’d this past week. Watching Desperate Housewives right now. One of my many favorite shows. More tomorrow folks ๐Ÿ™‚



Soggy Wednesday

As the title above states, it was a soggy Wednesday today. I was off from the office so I just took it easy. Was supposed to take my puppy Tiko to the groomers but I rescheduled his appointment till tomorrow. It was just storming too bad to drive in it. So tomorrow will be a busy day for me. Got a meeting at the office at 9:30….Tiko’s appt is at 12:30. It usually takes 3 hours for the grooming so by the time I pick up my son from his bus stop, it will be time to go get Tiko. Once I get back from doing that, I may be able to rest for like 5 minutes before I have to take my son to school for his Science Fair. His project is on the oil spill. It starts at 6 and should be over by 7:30 at the latest. By the time I finally get home, I will be pooped! lol I’m definitely gonna try to sneak a nap in there somewhere! Have a good night all.

I’m such a slacker lol

I know I have missed a few days. Had to get back to getting up early yesterday so by the time I go to bed I am exhausted!I started back to my GAL duties yesterday. Only had 1 application to get ready but should have more by the weeks end. Leo has an interview just about every day the rest of the week. If they all show up and can make it to training this Saturday, then we may have at least 7 people there! We’ve been averaging around 7-10 per training session. Our training days are on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Plus we offer one on one training for those who can’t make it on the weekends. So this program is very flexible for people to be able to volunteer.In other parts of the country it is known as CASA. So if you love kids and want to make a difference in the ones who are in the system, please offer your time to them. They will always remember you as being there for them.

Happy New Year

So hard to believe its now 2011…5 ย min ago it was 2010. Weird,huh? My resolution is to get myself and my family to eat healthier and take better care of ourselves. I am gonna try to be a better friend to my friends. Now that I am blogging again, I am gonna make a habit of doing this every evening before i go to bed. Who knows? This may help my feelings of anger I get at some people sometimes. I have been doing better at controlling that though. So hopefully, blogging away my anger will be therapeutic for me. All I can do is try, right? And if it don’t work, I will hunt my friend Michael down and beat the crap out of him for letting me know about this site! lmao jk Mikey, u know I loves ya ๐Ÿ™‚